How a Great Website Builds Your Brand

If you know anything about marketing, then you know that branding is tantamount to your business success.  There are numerous ways to grow and strengthen your brand, and you should be taking advantage of all of them.  Your business website is one such branding opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss out on, and you should therefore put some serious time and effort into creating a site that works for you.  Want to know why?  Here are some ways in which a great website builds your brand:

Your logo.  There’s no doubt you understand the importance of your logo when it comes to branding.  Your website should display your logo prominently, and on every page.  This is just another way of etching that logo (i.e. your brand) into customers’ minds.

Your image.  You know who your target market is, and your business image should be relevant to that audience.  When you create a business website, a number of choices must go into the design – choices like color, content, layout, graphics, and navigation.  All of these design choices will contribute to your business image, which in turn will help strengthen your brand.

Connection.  By creating a website that is inviting, informative, and easy to navigate through, you are giving your customers (and potential customers) and avenue through which they can keep in regular “contact” with your business.  Remember that your brand is an abstract thing, based on the impression you give people, as well as all the things they associate with your business.  Forging a connection with your business is integral to strengthening your brand, and a great website is a very effective way of doing that.

Personality.  Your website is a great place to express your business’ perspective, philosophy, and experience.  This, in turn, gives your brand a personality.  It is imperative that your brand be personable in this way, as this is what will endear it to customers, giving them a lasting impression that will keep them coming back for more.

Call to action.  When you create content for your website, you have a great chance to inspire your site visitors to engage – thus strengthening your brand.  Do this by way of a call to action, such as, “Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!”